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Singing in the Rain.

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Have you ever just gone outside in the rain and played? Usually you would not encourage your young child to go out into the rain and play, but today was different. Daddy was in a rare mood.

It began to rain while we were watching Shrek. Usually when Abby asks to go outside if it is raining we of course say no because we would get all wet. Today we said yes! The 4 of us then went out on the back patio and played in the rain. Well…Daddy and Abby played in the rain. Mommy and Zach stayed on the porch because Zach is too little for playing in the rain yet (3.5 weeks old). Maybe next time buddy.

At first Abby would not go out into the rain. Probably from us saying so many times already no you can’t go out and play it is raining and we. Daddy encouraged her to and they both went out to play. I’m not sure if Abby liked it at first, but she got into it. I think the best part was watching the both of them jumping in the puddles in the yard. So care free. Daddy and Abby had a good time together.

Laughter is good for the soul.

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I love it when kids laugh just because you’re laughing and have no idea what’s funny and why it’s funny. They just love pure joy and enjoy sharing the experience with those around them.

For example: This morning while watching Shrek for the first time (Mommy and Daddy were sick of watching Nemo and Cars) we laughed at some of the “adult” jokes and of course Abby had to laugh along with us. She had no idea why we were laughing and didn’t start laughing until we did. It is so wonderful to hear her laugh and know she is enjoying life.

Though there is always the polar opposite. Whenever you want kids to smile and be good they inevitably fail you. We went to get pictures last night for the first time of our 3 week old Zach. We get to the picture people and of course Zach started crying and would not stop. Abby was a big cheese and loved posing for the pictures. I could have picked everyone of her pictures and been extremely happy with the result. Her brother on the other hand would not cooperate. Every time we laid him down with Abby he cried hysterically. Luckily the photographer at the Picture People was wonderful and had a great eye. Despite his constant crying she was able to get two pictures that were wonderful of just Zach and one acceptable picture of Abby and Zach. I would suggest to anyone who needs pictures of kids done to go to the Picture People (South Hills Village Mall).

Say Cheeeeeese!
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