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Abby’s 5th Birthday and her 1st Day of Kindergarten

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Today was a very momentous day for Abby. Not only did she turn 5 today, but it was also her first day of Kindergarten. I can’t believe my little girl isn’t so little any more. I know everyone says it and I know it is true, but time really does fly. I remember at her birthday party last year she kept talking about how next year she was going to turn 5 and go to Kindergarten. Not it is true.

Today was a great day. It started off very well. Dave went into work late this morning so he could see Abby off to school as well. We all ate breakfast together. A nice hearty meal of steel cut oats. Yummy! Then Abby and I got her lunch ready and got her dressed for school. She was so excited to go off to school, though at one point she did ask if Zach was staying home with me and said she wanted to stay home with me too. It was short lived and didn’t seem to hinder her excitement for going to Kindergarten.

When it was time we all walked down together to her bus stop. Abby’s backpack was so full of her stuff I couldn’t even get it to zipper. She had her lunch box, pencil box, and a container of rice crispy treats for her new classmates. We had asked her teacher last week at the meet the teacher night what she thought was best for if we should send something in for Abby’s birthday since it was the first day of school. The teacher was fine with it and encouraged us to send something on Abby’s actual birthday. For other summer birthdays the teacher assigns out unbirthday days to each of those kids so they can celebrate with their classmates as well. At the bus stop we met up with 2 of our other neighbors whose daughters also started Kindergarten today. They all fed off each others’ excitement for their first day. No one seemed nervous or scared. It was great!

The bus came down the street and Abby barely gave each of us a hug and a kiss. She was so excited to go get on the bus and get to school.
Bye Abby. Have a great day at school!

We all headed back to our houses wondering how the day was going to be without one of our kids. I found myself looking at the clock often when playing with Zach and thinking in my head about what Abby might be doing. I wonder if she thought of Zach and I during the day as well. It was a very different day for me. Instead of barbies, Zach and I played with trucks and trains. We spent a good 20 minutes filling his dump truck with mega blocks and dumping them out. Also, Zach still naps so I had free time from about 12:30 – 3pm. Hopefully when baby #3 comes I can get him to take a nap during that time too so I have time to get stuff done. I was able to make Ariel signs for Abby for her birthday during that time along with cleaning up the kitchen and playroom.

Soon enough after Zach got up from his nap it was time to get ready to pick Abby up from the bus stop.
In Abby’s words her first day of Kindergarten was awesome. When I asked her what she did today she told me all about lunch and how the lunch room at really long benches and lots of them. She also told me about recess and playing on the playground. When I asked what she did in her class she didn’t really say anything and only wanted to talk about the play ground and the lunch room. I guess those were the 2 things that left the most impact on her the first day.

Abby also celebrated her 5th birthday at home with Mommy, Daddy, and Zach. She had requested that her dinner be chicken with mac ‘n’ cheese, watermelon, and pickles. After she ate her dinner we sang to her. We didn’t make the cake now, but will have cake on Saturday at her birthday party with everyone else. Instead we used the rice crispy treats we had left to put her candles in and sing to her. She loved it.

Then Abby opened her gifts including the cards we received from Aunt Gerry and Uncle Lew and Grandma Byerly. Abby’s favorite gift from us was of course the American Girl Doll. She had been asking for one for months on end. When she started to open it she stopped and turned to me and asked if this was from me. I told her Mommy and Daddy picked it out together and it was from both of us. She was so happy to get the doll. She immediately wanted it out of the package to begin playing with.
For the rest of the night Abby’s Julie doll followed her everywhere she went.

Happy Birthday Abby and congrats on your first day of Kindergarten.

Water Scooter

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Here are just a couple more fun things that happened while we were in the Outer Banks to wrap up our trip.

Abby saw jet skis on the bay side and got very excited. She called them water scooters. I thought it was a perfect name that Abby came up with. I told her when she gets older we can take a ride on one. I personally love riding them. Not sure if I will be able to get Dave on one. Maybe if he has his own to drive and doesn’t ride with me. I can get kind of crazy on them.

At the beach there were planes flying by all the time with banners advertising things. Every time one would fly by Zach would stop what he was doing and point to them and say airplane. He loved doing that almost as much as he loved watching the ocean and saying wawa.

We also found out at the beach that Zach loves M&Ms. We had made GORP for the trip. One day we took the GORP down to the beach with us in the cooler. Zach went over to the cooler, unzipped it, and took the GORP out for himself. He then proceeded to just eat the M&Ms. He loves raisins normally and would choose them or dried cranberries over most things, but as soon as he tasted one of the M&Ms that was the end to the dried fruit. All he wanted was the M&Ms.


Outer Banks Nature

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The kids loved seeing the animals at the Outer Banks. On the first day as Abby and I were moving the deck chairs into place a frog jumped out and landed on Abby’s shirt. I was able to catch it for Abby to see up close. She was so excited. It was a bright green frog. She wanted to hold the frog. She held it for a little bit, but then it jumped away and off the deck. We saw many more frogs and toads through the week around the beach house.

Down at the shore line we saw pelicans and various kinds of gulls.

We also got to see ghost crabs at night and during the day. Zach loved watching the crabs and kept trying to touch them. Abby liked going out at night with us to chase the ghost crabs with the flash lights. There were so many of them at night. You shine your flashlight out across the shoreline and the entire shoreline would move.



Outer Banks, 2011 Touristy Stuff

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Each day we were at the Outer Banks we tried to do some touristy stuff in the area. My parents had never been to the Outer banks before.

Jockey’s Ridge

Wright Brothers’ Memorial

Kitty Hawk Kites
We went to Kitty Hawk Kites twice. Once with the whole family (the kids and my parents) and once just Dave and I. Dave and I had to go back just us as it was impossible to really look at anything with the kids there. Wrangling at times can be so difficult. Each time we went we bought kites. The first time we bought 2 butterfly kites for Abby. She had never flown a kite before. We had tried once before locally at a park, but there just wasn’t enough constant wind. At the beach there is always wind. Abby had a blast getting her kite into the air and watching it there. The second time we went we bought another kite that was a 3-D kite of a blue angel jet. It was awesome. Zach loved it and when we flew it he just kept saying airplane and pointing at it.

Mini Golf – Jurassic Putt

Abby did a great job hitting the ball with the club and trying to get it in the hole. She had lots of fun and loved the theme of the place. She still talks about it at home when we drive past our local mini golf place. She will tell me how it is the same as at the beach except that the beach had dinosaurs.