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Why I love Sundays…

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Why I love Sundays…mainly my two cuties below and being able to spend time with my family.

Most mornings we get up and rush, rush, rush in order to get both kids up and dressed and get Zach fed (Abby eats breakfast at school) and then mom and dad off to work. The weekends are different and I love it!

We let the kids dictate when we get up. We let either Zach, when he is hungry, or Abby when she wakes up come in our room and get us up. It is usually Zach, but today it was Abby. She loves coming in our room and jumping into bed with us and lounging for bit. It usually doesn’t last more than 10 minutes, but we cherish them. She then wants to get up and moving for the day. There is no such thing as really sleeping in at this house. Maybe when the kids get older.

We then head downstairs for a big Sunday morning breakfast that either Dave or I or both of us make. Today it was sausage and fresh waffles. Today we gave Zach his first what I call real food. He has been on baby food for a little over a month now. He has had rice cereal, sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, peas, green beans, peaches, and now a waffle. We gave him one triangle of waffle and he loved it. He sucked on it and gummed it and ate the whole thing. He was so happy and quiet the whole meal, which is a big change. Many days he is very loud whether he is happy or upset at the table.


After breakfast we pumped up Abby’s new hippity hop we got yesterday at Toys R Us. It is a princess hopper and Mommy couldn’t resist getting it. We were there shopping for our friends kids birthdays that are coming up. FYI…don’t take a 3 year old to Toys R Us unless you want to spend hours there. Trying to get her to stop touching all the toys and move to another isle is nearly impossible. Anyways, Abby loved it. She has used them before at her preschool.


After playing inside for a while we headed outside. We built a snowman and went sledding down our hill. I’m so glad we were finally able to build a snowman here. We have been wanting to with all the snow we have gotten, but until today it had not been good packing snow to make a snowman.


Now and for the rest of the afternoon and night I will be enjoying watching the last day of the 2010 Winter Olympics. I can’t believe the 2 weeks are over already. One of the last things I will be enjoying is the gold medal hockey game. I am not sure who to cheer for though. Do I cheer for the USA and be patriotic or do I cheer for my favorite Penguin player Sidney Crosby? Either way I win because one of my teams will win. Go USA! Go Canada!

Love of Reading

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Dave is an avid reader and our hope is to instill that in our children. I also love to read, but I have to admit not as much as Dave. If I have to chose I usually don’t pick reading. I have been trying to get through a series for the past 4 years. I have been reading Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. It’s a great series and I recommend it, but they are very long books and with 2 kids I find it hard to have time to read.

Abby loves to read already and I hope that continues. Each night we read Abby at least one book, but most of the time it is 2 or 3 books. She has already begun to memorize her favorites like 5 little monkeys (the whole series…I think there are 4 books…at least that is how many we have), Are You My Mother?, Brown Bear, and Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You?. She even shows interest in reading Daddy’s books.

Soon we will be starting with Zach. We have read him some books and sometimes he listens in to Abby’s, but really all he wants to do is put the book in his mouth. Maybe in a few more months he will be ready to look at books without eating them.



Ho Hum

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Haven’t blogged much this past week. Have been spending every night trying to watch the Olympics unsuccessfully. Basically I have started watching them every night at 8pm and was asleep by 9pm.

Now everything here is just so stressful I don’t really have the desire to blog. My mom and sister left yesterday after spending the week here. That part was great. The kids stayed home with Grammy and Aunt Becky and had a blast. The stressful part started yesterday. Zach was getting yet another cold and that is when I noticed it. He was playing and tugging at both ears. Oh no! He spent the night in our room, which meant Mommy did not get a lot of sleep. He kept waking up crying and I had to settle him back down. Mommy was very tired and cranky today. Sorry if I took any of that tiredness and crankiness out on Daddy and Abby.

This morning we took him into the pediatrician. Side note: I love the fact that my pediatrician will see sick children in the office by appointment on Sundays and you don’t have to go to the ER or wait until Monday. Well…it’s official, Zach has a double ear infection along with his cold symptoms, which of course is in his chest. This will be the third time Zach has to use the nebulizer for breathing treatments every 3 to 4 hours. He is also on steroids again and now a stronger antibiotic. The worse part is that the meds are making Zach vomit. He did it several times this afternoon. We are not sure if it’s the stronger antibiotics or the steroids. The steroids he gags on and can barely get down (flavored cherry – last time it was grape – we thought he would like the cherry better- we were wrong). Actually, his dose tonight he didn’t get down. It just kept making him gag and vomit so we stopped. We even tried putting it in rice cereal and he knew and wouldn’t take it.

I can’t wait for winter to be over and hopefully sickness with it. Now I just want Zach to rest and get better. He will be staying home with Daddy tomorrow who will be working from home. He will most likely be back at daycare on Tuesday depending on how things continue to go.

Here is my prayer: that God will grant Zach rest so his little body can heal and to not vomit anymore.


Zach loves trees

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Not a long post, but I wanted to record this to make sure we remember it.

Zach LOVES trees!  From when he was very little (a few weeks old), leaves blowing in the wind would always catch his eye, and he would just stare & stare at them, and smile at them as they blew in the wind.  He loves looking out the window of the car at trees we are passing.

We have a Japanese Maple in our front yard, right next to our steps & path to the front door.  Even without leaves on it (since it is winter), he loves looking at it as we pass it on our way into the house, and usually smiles at it.

He loves trees.  I hope he keeps this love as he grows, and I hope I remember to help him keep this love alive; I’ll gladly sit outside on the ground with him admiring trees in the summer.  I love the outdoors and I enjoy the peace of nature.