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The 4th of July

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We had a great 4th of July this year. It was very relaxing after spending so much time getting ready for Zach’s party, that was the day before (July 3rd). We spent most of the day just playing with the kids around the house and then went to the fireworks. Zach fell asleep during the fireworks. Even the finale only made him stir slightly. He is definitely like his daddy. He can fall asleep anywhere!










Happy belated 4th of July everyone!

Abby’s week with Grammy

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Grammy came down with Aunt Becky and Gramps for Zach’s birthday. Grammy stayed for an extra week. It was her birthday too (July 6th)! She stayed because we took her to the DCI (Drum Corp International) show. It was an amazing show. The bands were awesome and it made me miss marching band.

While Grammy was here for the extra week Abby got to stay home with her all week and have some fun mini trips with Grammy. They went to the library, mall, and pet store. They also had fun at home playing with Abby’s toys, watching movies, and making pictures. Thanks for the great week Grammy!


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Abby and Grammy at the mall

Grammy’s birthday!

Abby and Grammy at the fireworks for the 4th of July.

Playing with my new Eric doll that Grammy got me at the Disney store. I used to have mommy’s old Eric doll from when she was a kid, but it broke recently.

Zach 1 year

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Zach turned 1 on July 1st. I can’t believe it has been over a year now since he came into our life. Wow! Time really does fly. Abby will be 4 this August and then next year off to school. Crazy!

Anyways, Zach had his 1 year appointment last night with the pediatrician. He is doing great. He is 24 lbs and 31 inches. It is nice to see him lengthening out now. He is still to remain doing his breathing treatments once a day with the Pulmacort. Don’t know how long he will need to continue this. He will also be moving to no bottles soon and just using sippy cups and drinking whole milk and water. I am going to finish the can of formula we have and then move him to whole milk.

What Zach can do:

On Zach’s birthday (July 1st) he decided it was time to stand. He started pulling himself up to standing on everything. He now cruises along furniture and has started to use the walking toys. Though, he seems to love to push and walk with Abby’s little white desk chair the best. I guess it moves slower then the toys with the wheels. He loves to pull himself up in his crib now. We had to lower it to the lowest setting now. Whenever I go to get him from bedtime or nap time he always stands up to greet me with a smile. I love it.

Zach is now fully on table foods and can use a sippy cup and feed himself. He especially likes wagon wheels for a treat after his dinner. He definitely likes to eat and will eat anything you put in front of him. Even if he makes a face (ice cream and Popsicles) he continues to open his mouth and eat it.
Birthday boy!

Zach loves all his new toys from his birthday. He got a lot of boy toys (trucks and blocks). He especially likes this little white pull along dog. He will push it away from himself to use the string to pull it back. He gets so excited doing it. He is definitely a boy and loves cars and trucks. He pushes them all over the floor. He got a big dump truck and likes to raise the shovel in the front and dump things into the truck. Though, he doesn’t usually have anything on the shovel, but just likes the action. Zach now has lots of mega blocks. Just with all other blocks he loves when people make things that he can break apart. You barely have time to put something together before he is over there knocking it over and pulling the blocks apart. He can put the blocks back together too. Zach also likes his ball popper and this other toy where you hit the balls with a hammer to knock them down through the toy. He has gotten very good at hitting the balls with the hammer and then putting the balls back on the top to do again. Also with the ball popper he doesn’t just knock it over anymore and let the balls out all at once. He loves to sit with it and try and catch the balls as they come out the top and then put them back down. His last favorite toy (not new, used to be Abby’s) are the stacking cups. He loves to take them apart and try and put them back together. He needs work on stacking them in the right order, but that will come.

Reading are the building blocks to so many things and Zach loves books. He will sit and turn the pages to books for a good while. He is not great at listening to the books yet, because he wants to keep turning the pages back and forth instead of listening to all the words. We are going to start reading him books before bed just like we do Abby. We have tried doing them both at the same time in the past, but since they are on differently levels of interest and attention I think we are going to separate them and one parent will do one child and the other the other child. They also each like their one on one time where they don’t have to share.

Now that Zach is up and moving more he is annoying his sister more. Whenever she is sitting on the couch he always tries to grab what she has on the couch or her feet. So far Abby has been fairly patient with him, but she does need reminder to be gentle. Zach also likes to follow Abby around and want to play with everything that Abby is playing with. I don’t think Abby is quite ready to share everything with Zach and will sometimes push him away or grab toys back from him. I know it will continue to get worse right now with the sharing of the toys and both of them wanting to play with mommy and daddy.

Lastly, the verbal skills are coming along. Zach was saying dat (that) when he pointed to things, but now it has turned more into a bup. He does say ba ba for bottle, mama, and dada. He also tries to say book and ball. He really likes his B words. I don’t really remember with Abby how long it took for her to say multiple words. I remember he first clear word was ball when she was a year and she would say it, “ballah!”. It was so cute. I can’t wait for Zach to move past the B phase and try more sounds. Maybe reading to him more will help with this.