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Another Beautiful Sunday at South Park

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It was another wonderful Sunday we just had to take advantage of. We packed up a picnic lunch and headed over to South Park for the day.

We started off the day with going on the slides and the swings. Abby always loves doing that. We even went on a big slide that Abby had never been on before. She loved it!

We then tried to have our picnic lunch. We went over to the picnic benches and started to set everything up. We got Abby all set up with her lunch when the wasps showed up. The most unwanted thing at your picnic: 4 yellow jackets swarming around your 3 year old daughter’s jelly sandwich. Ugh! We packed everything back up while shooing the yellow jackets away from our kids. We then tried going to the other side of the playground to another picnic bench. The annoying things just followed us. We decided to eat in our car. Not exactly what we intended, but it worked. We cooled down a bit with the A/C on and just relaxed away from the pests.

When we were done eating, I asked Abby if she wanted to go ride her bike. Abby then said, “My bike is far away at home.” I told her that Daddy had packed her bike in the car. She said, “And my helmet?” with a huge smile on her face. We said yup. We got her bike out and went over to the section of the park where it was flat and you could ride your bike. There were several other kids there with their bikes too.  Abby did so great. She was steering and making the bike go where she wanted. She even peddled fast and slow. It was wonderful to watch her grow and learn. She had so much fun. She was on her bike for almost an hour non-stop. I’m so glad we got that for her for her birthday.

The last thing we did at South Park was try and fly a kite. We had bought a kite at Kitty Hawk Kites, OBX. It is a blue butterfly. The wind was not cooperating. There were times we thought we could get it up and going and then the wind would die down. We are definitely going to go back another day when it is windier and try and fly the kite.





Abby on her bike from Scrumpy Daddy on Vimeo.

Shoe Shopping

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As Abby was putting on a pair of her shoes yesterday I noticed that she was struggling to get the shoe on her foot. I hadn’t noticed it before because she has been wearing her pretend Crocs for most of the summer and other sandals. It was time to get Abby new shoes.

We went this morning to buy Abby new shoes. It is always an adventure to go shopping, especially with a 3 year old who wants everything and wants to touch everything. We headed over to Burlington to find new shoes. Why is it so hard to find shoes that don’t have a logo on them anymore. Everything is either Disney princesses or Dora. Of course Abby wanted the princess or Dora shoes, which of course they didn’t have in her size. They were either too big or too small. Try and convince a 3 year old that the shoes are too big or too small with out a major melt down is a challenge.

Between my husband and I we were successful. We found a pair of pink and white heart shoes that light up that satisfied her. She also picked out a pair herself. She found black shiny shoes with a little heel. She loved them instantly. She want to wear them immediately. I think she liked the click sound they made and the little heel. She was sooo cute in them that I had to get them.

We came home and she was stomping around the house all afternoon. She is growing up so fast. Her first pair of heels.

Old Technology

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Today my daughter woke up from her nap and wanted to watch Jasmine. Of course I only have that movie on VHS. We really need to invest is getting the classic Disney movies, especially the princess ones, on DVD. Well…we get about 30 minutes into the movie and my daughter says, “It turns off.” Of course the VCR is trying to eat my tape. Right now my husband is taking the VCR apart and cleaning it to try and make it work again.

All Abby wanted to do was sit and watch a movie. She was being so good and peaceful. Hopefully we can get that moment back.

“It just turns on Mommy!” Though the pleasure was short lived. It turned back off. Daddy is now on his way over to Walmart to find a new VCR. Good luck Daddy!

Our local Park

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Today was a beautiful day that we could not resist. We took the kids for a walk around our block. As we were walking Abby saw the entrance to our local park. There is a town park in the middle of our neighborhood. It is a great little park and so convenient. It has swings, three different kinds of slides, climbers, basketball court, baseball diamond, and a pavilion.

When Abby saw the entrance she said she wanted to go on the slides. Since we were having such a great morning and it was so wonderful out I couldn’t resist letting her go to the park. It was still about an hour until lunch so we had time and Zach wasn’t due to feed for another hour as well. Zach loved looking up at all the leaves blowing in the wind. The park is surrounded by trees. Dave and I relaxed on the swings and Abby had a great time going down the slides and playing on the swings. She is getting so good a climbing and playing on her own. She doesn’t need Dave or I there the entire time to help her and encourage her to have fun. She is really getting so big and confident.

The only problem with the park is that they keep the bathrooms locked. I guess they are only open if someone requests to use the facility for something like a party. This became a problem today.

Of course Abby had to use the bathroom while we were there. I really think if it is a public park they should have restrooms. It doesn’t even need to be regular facilities. A porta-potty would have been great. Luckily, my daughter is flexible and we solved the issue without having to go home early. I am sure you can figure it out for yourself. I don’t need to spell it out.