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Zach loves trees

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Not a long post, but I wanted to record this to make sure we remember it.

Zach LOVES trees!  From when he was very little (a few weeks old), leaves blowing in the wind would always catch his eye, and he would just stare & stare at them, and smile at them as they blew in the wind.  He loves looking out the window of the car at trees we are passing.

We have a Japanese Maple in our front yard, right next to our steps & path to the front door.  Even without leaves on it (since it is winter), he loves looking at it as we pass it on our way into the house, and usually smiles at it.

He loves trees.  I hope he keeps this love as he grows, and I hope I remember to help him keep this love alive; I’ll gladly sit outside on the ground with him admiring trees in the summer.  I love the outdoors and I enjoy the peace of nature.