Thank You to My Sister Becky

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Some of you may or may not know, but my sister spent the summer with us. I failed to mention this in my last post with the summary of the summer. She became such a part of the family that I didn’t even think about the fact that I didn’t mention it. She came down when she was done with school at the end of June, she is a teacher’s aide at a school for special needs children, and stayed until labor day. It was so great having her here to help since I had all 3 kids everyday. I don’t know how some stay at home parents do it. I think I would have gone completely insane having all 3 kids every day all day long with no break. Luckily, I have a sister who was able to forgo work for the summer and come keep me sane.

There were many things we were able to do because my sister was here. I was able to go over to the farmers market on Mondays to get fresh local produce and grocery shopping with out the kids. Abby had gymnastics on Wednesday afternoons for the summer and I didn’t have to worry about trying to get a babysitter for that hour each week. Dave and I went out several evenings to see movies, musicals (A Chorus Line and Fiddler on the Roof), and the DCI show. Typically my mother-in-law watches the kids if we need to go out or I have an appointment for Matt, but those are all planned in advance. It was nice having someone in house because I could just run out as needed and didn’t have to plan so far in advance, plus I think it was great we were able to give my mother-in-law a break from babysitting.

The kids loved having Becky here too. I think one of their favorite things was doing crafts with her. Becky has this craft bag she always brings when she visits and Zach loved grabbing it and saying to Becky, “I do crafts.” She even brought her craft bag on our trip to KY and our friends 2 girls were able to enjoy the fun as well. Glitter glue just makes everything better!

One of my favorite things about having Becky here was our daily games of Ticket to Ride. Dave and I had purchased the game just prior to Becky coming. We challenged each other every time we played to see who would get longest train and who would win.


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