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It has been so amazing to watch and see how much Matt has changed since the summer and especially in the last 2 months. Matt is now 17 months, but still small for his age. I think the last time he was at the doctor he was a little over 17 lbs and 27 1/2 inches long. He finally moved up to 12 month clothes. We are definitely making good use of Zach’s hand me downs with Matt.

On the medical front Matt is seeing his specialists less often. Most of them say they don’t have to see him for another year or two. YAY!
He saw his cardiologist in September who stated he still has a VSD (small hole in the heart), but it is so small there is no concern and it will not need to be surgically corrected. They still can’t figure out if he has a bicuspid aortic valve or not. The cardiologist seems very confused by it. She stated either he has it and it works just fine or some how we keep missing seeing the 3rd flap in the EKG. Anyways, again nothing to do but monitor. So he will go back again to her next September.
Matt also saw his neurologist who is very encouraged by his interactions with her and the reports from Early Intervention. She still wants to monitor him, but she is not concerned about autism or him developing seizures. She stated the way he played and interacted with her would not have been possible for a child with autism. She wants to see him in a year or two.
He is due to see his neurosurgeon for his 1 year follow up to the tether cord release in April and I have to make appointments for him to see his endocrinologist, nephrologist, optometrist, and possibly speech/feeding. I plan to speak to his pediatrician at his 18 month appt in April regarding the speech/feeding side of things. He had a swallow study in the fall that showed he was no longer aspirating thin liquids, which was great. We were able to get him off of the thickened formula. What it did show was very confusing though, especially since they had never seen it before in his previous swallow studies. They found that thin baby food was going up into his nasal passage. They asked us to follow up with ENT and have them check his pressures. I was not happy with the appointment nor the result. I’m not sure the ENT did what speech/feeding wanted him to check. They wanted his pressures checked (still not sure what that means), but the only thing ENT did was upset by putting a scope down his nose to make sure everything was still open. Matt go very upset and spit while they were putting the scope down his nose. The ENT asked if this was normal, my initial thought (which I did not say) was yeah normal for a kid that just got held down and a scope put down his nose and into his throat. I told him no he didn’t often spit up and definitely not like that. The ENT then decided Matt had reflux and wanted him back on reflux meds and to get another swallow test in 2 months. After talking with Dave about it we are ignoring what ENT said and not giving him reflux meds. I’m still not sure what reflux has to do with the food going into Matt’s nose when he tries to swallow instead of down his throat.

Matt had his Early Intervention 1 year review in January. He is doing really great with his physical therapy and we are much happier with his new develop-mentalist. She has a background in speech and feeding so she has been working with him on those issues as well as other developmental milestones. It seems like so many things have happened in the past couple months regarding his motor skills. For the longest time we were working on rolling over and sitting up and now it seems like everything is at warp speed.
He went from just starting to crawl in January to pulling himself up to stand, to cruising along things to walking with a walking toy in just 2 months. Today he took 11 steps on his own with the walking toy. He will be getting orthopedic braces for his legs (appt April 3) to help with positioning and ankle strength. He was using some generic ones for a couple weeks to see if they helped and they seemed to have giving him the push in the right direction. Since he did so well with them his PT wants him to get ones made just for him with a movable ankle so he can crawl and walk with correct foot positioning. He tends to try and point his feet out like a ballerina in 1st position.

Some other fun stuff about Matt:

Even though Matt doesn’t eat non-baby food yet he loves to watch us eat and tries to steal snacks if they are in his reach. We have found he likes the small round crackers we get from Trader Joes. He takes bites of them and just lets the cracker dissolve in his mouth. Not sure how much he has actually swallowed or if it just all comes out with his drool onto his bib. I’m just happy he is starting to try.

Matt loves music. All of our kids have seemed to enjoy music, but Matt most of all. He favorite songs are anything to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”. He especially loves when I sing and looks around at everyone else with an expression of okay now your turn to start signing. He smiles and laughs when I sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”. I definitely have to try and get a video of that. He also has a toy he got from our friends Earl and Candra in February that plays music and has all different instruments with it. I would say that is one of his favorite toys. Lastly, he loves to play the toy piano. Unlike our other kids he tries to play each note with just a finger. He doesn’t just pound on the notes. Dave also said it looked like he was dancing the other night to the tune he was playing. I can’t wait to see what kind of musical talent this kid will have.

Other favorite toys are the ABC foam blocks (especially the blue ones), rings, cups, and books.20130315_172036_DSC_002620130305_205604_DSC_0014100_6293100_629220130111_175119_DSC_031520130111_115705_DSC_0307

Lastly, and to me the most important, Matt has finally started to sleep through the night most nights. He typically goes to sleep between 9:30 and 10:30 at night and stays asleep until a little after 8 am. Some nights he still gets up, but it is more like 4:30 in the morning instead of 2. I have been getting more than 3 hours of sleep a night. I feel like a new person. I just hope it continues.

Here are just some others of Matt that are too cute to not post:

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  1. Grammy says:

    Praise God for Matt’s progress and the video of him walking with the walking toy! The pictures are great too. Look forward to seeing him soon!

  2. kate wilson says:

    man oh man! he is so awesome and has come so far. makes me a little teary to think about it. you are just the mom and dad this sweet little spirit was meant to come to and i know you’ll help him reach every new goal in his life. i am also seriously loving the pictures with your new lens, gorgeous!!