Easter Time Fun

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It has been quite a week leading up to Easter. Dave was on call this week and had lots to do at night. Matt starting teething so the wonderful sleeping through the night he had been doing for almost 2 weeks was over. Despite being tired we have had lots of fun as a family getting ready for Easter.

On Tuesday Zach and I got out the Easter decorations and put them out. Zach was very interested in playing with his basket, but didn’t understand the mess the Easter grass would make. Ugh! Had to follow him around for a bit picking it all up so the cats wouldn’t eat it and get sick. Finally found his Easter bucket he was given several years ago and filled it with the plastic eggs so he would stop playing with his basket. Not looking forward to the mess Easter morning will bring. The Easter Bunny will have to make sure to hide the baskets where the cats can’t get into them.

Abby had off of school Thursday and Friday and Dave did so much over night work on Wednesday that he worked from home for a half a day Thursday and had off on Friday. It has been very nice having everyone home so much. Wish it could be like this more often. Abby and Zach have really been enjoying playing with each other, especially outside. Yes that is right I said outside! It has been sunny and warm enough in the high 40s low 50s to spend considerable time out side. Yay vitamin D!

On Thursday the kids and I made sugar cookies in the shapes of eggs and bunnies. The cookies are so good we have to make a second batch. Dave and I are eating all the cookies before the kids can.
Abby wanted me to post, “We love sugar cookies!”

On Friday we had lots of fun dying eggs and having our Easter egg hunt. Not sure how many of you still do this, but we use the real eggs that we dye in our Easter egg hunt instead of the plastic eggs. Some of my fondest memories as a kid was dying eggs at my Grandma Swaim’s house and then hunting for them in her backyard. My mom would always have my sister and I go into my Grandma’s family room and wait for her to hide the eggs outside. We were very good and never peeked. Not sure I would trust my kids not to peek. They are just so curious about everything we do at this age. We put on a short video for them to keep them occupied while I hid the eggs in the backyard.
Abby was very sad that she cracked her egg.
The finished product. We only cracked 2 eggs in the process of dying, which the kids ate as soon as they were done.
Sitting on the couch watching an episode of Sofia the First while Mommy hid the eggs.

The Hunt:
I had to keep giving Zach hints about where the eggs were and encouraging Abby to let him find some. She is so fast and sharp that she probably could have found all the eggs before Zach really had a chance to find many.

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  1. Grammy says:

    Happy Easter! Great pictures of your fun time! I remember hiding eggs for you at my Mom’s behind the large pine tree or in boughs of her fruit trees – they were the hardest for you to find!